1.     Is the subscription for SQOBE free?



2.     Can I pay for a movie and watch it later?

         You can watch the film within a duration of 48 hours.



3.     If I paid for viewing a movie and for some reason it failed transmitting; can I watch the movie again without another payment?



4.     Do you show films on HD quality?



5.     Can SQOBE guarantee the quality of the streaming of my movie?



6.     Can I stay friends with someone on SQOBE, but not be notified by his or her activities?


7.     How do I know if my information is secure when ordering from your site?






8.     What is a Professional Member?

9.     How do I become a Professional Member?

10.     When do I pay my annual subscription fee?

11.     What is a program integration fee for?

12.     When I upgrade to a higher level of the program, do I still have to pay an integration fee?

13.     When I entered a lower level program in the year and for instance in the middle of the year I upgrade, do I pay for 2 programs?

14.     How can I make money with my films on SQOBE?

15.     How much money do I receive from each view?

16.     Will you charge tax on my views?

17.     Do I have to pay for other fees or taxes?

18.     Can I set my own price?

19.     Can I upload any film I want?

20.     How do I upload a movie?

21.     What is considered a Short Film and when do we consider a film a Feature length?

22.     What features can be expected within the near future that will make a difference for the Professional User?

23.     What do I do if someone is exploiting my films without my permission or films from which I obtain the exploitation rights?

24     Can I Geo-Block my films?

25.     Who owns SQOBE?



26.     Can I advertise at SQOBE?

27.     When I am entitled to a percentage of the profit or revenue of the film, but I do not exploit the movie or have exploitation rights, can I obtain my profit share from SQOBE?

28.     SQOBE states they are transparent. How transparent are transmission and payment fees?

29.     Other questions?