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Classic - Crime - Drama - Film Noir

United States 1949 | 99 Min

Kansas City Confidential

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Righteousness overcomes


Classic Crime Drama Film Noir


kansas mexico bank heist




A ruthless man who identifies himself as Mr. Big plans to rob a money transport wagon. He selects three men as accomplices: the addictive gambler Peter Harris wanted for murder, the gum-chewing thug Boyd Kane and the womanizer Tony Romano. Because of masks they wear they do not know each other within this complex heist. Part of his plan involves making an innocent patsy out of the floral truck driver and ex-con Joe Rolfe. The robbery and pursuit go just as Mr. Big has planned and they subdue the armored car guards in four minutes, grab bags containing $1.2 million and flee. The police run down Rolfe. But finally, he is released when the real getaway truck is found, and the bank's insurance company tells him that, if he should happen to run across the stolen money, they will pay a 25% reward. The proud Rolfe sees that he's lost his job, he's broke and everything he's worked for since he got out of prison is ruined. He decides to find the criminals and clear his name. With some help and luck, he gets on the right track and finds the robbers in he Mexican resort of Barados. By coincidence the police shoots Harris and Rolfe takes on his identity and meets the robbers, plus the daughter of Mr. Big, complicating the whole plan of Mr. Big. Because his plan initial plan was to double-cross his gang, turn them and the money in, collect the 25% reward. While Rolfe involves himself with Helen, the daughter of mr. Big, romantically, he has to survive the double crossing gang members. Finally they kill each other, leaving Rolfe with the money. As Foster is dying, he tells Rolfe his one wish is that Helen doesn't find out his duplicity. With his dying breath, he tells insurance investigator that Rolfe deserves the 25% reward of $300,000. Rolfe and Helen comfort each other after her father's death. Later, Rolfe asks Scott how she's taking it. Scott gestures at Helen and says meaningfully to Rolfe, “Why don’t you ask her?” She smiles in emotional release, and they kiss.


Phil Karlson


George Bruce, Harry Essex, Rowland Brown, Harold Greene


John Payne
Coleen Gray
Preston Foster
Neville Brand
Lee Van Cleef


Edward Small


George E. Diskant

Production Designer


Buddy Small


Paul Sawtell


Edward L. Ilou