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Classic - Drama - Western

United States 1943 | 116 Min

The outlaw

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The friendship of outlaws


Classic Drama Western


billy the kid pat garrett




One of the films produced and directed by the mysterious billionaire Howard Hughes. Doc Holliday is looking for his stolen horse in Lincoln, New Mexico. It is in the possession of Billy the Kid. Doc tries to steal back his horse but encounters Billy to prevent it. But Billy gets shot by Rio McDonald, out to revenge her dead brother. But Billy captures her and rapes her. Doc and Billy become friends. Pat tries to arrest Billy for murdering a stranger, but has to shoot Billy, forcing Doc to shoot the gun out of his hand and kill two of Pat's men. Doc and Billy flee to the home of Rio and her aunt. Doc leaves the wounded Billy in the hand of Rio. Instead of killing the unconscious Kid, Rio nurses him back to health. Rio falls in love with Billy. This makes Doc furious. Billy gives him a choice: the horse or Rio. To Billy's annoyance, Doc picks the horse. Angered that both men value the animal more than her, Rio fills their canteens with sand. On the trail, they are pursued by Pat and his men. Doc kills Pat’s men, but leaves Pat unharmed. When Doc wakes up one morning, he finds Billy gone and Pat waiting to handcuff him and take him back. Stopping at Rio's, the two men find that Billy has left Rio tied up in sight of water out of revenge. Suspecting that Billy loves Rio and will return to free her, Pat waits. Sure enough, the Kid comes back and is also captured. On the way back to town, they find hostile Indians all around. Pat has to free his prisoners and return their revolvers. They manage to elude the Indians. Then Doc tries to leave with his horse, but Billy stops him and they decide to duel it out. Billy realizes that Doc is a true friend and will not fire, while Doc fired his guns on him. The two reconcile. Furious, Pat calls Doc out and kills him. After Doc is buried, Pat tries to frame Billy, but handcuffs Pat and leaves town with the beautiful Rio.


Howard Hughes


Jules Furthman


Jane Russell
Jack Buetel
Walter Huston
Thomas Mitchell


Howard Hughes


Gregg Toland

Production Designer

Perry Ferguson


Wallace Grissell


Victor Young