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Classic - Crime - Drama - Film Noir

United States 1954 | 77 Min


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Life has its unexpected turns


Classic Crime Drama Film Noir


california president of the united states politics< fbi




In post-war America the President of the United States is scheduled to journey through the small town of Suddenly, California. Claiming to be checking up on security prior to his arrival, a group of FBI agents arrive at the home of the Bensons, on top of a hill that looks down upon the station where the presidential train is scheduled to stop. However, they soon turn out to be assassins led by the ruthless John Baron, who take over the house and hold the family hostage. Sheriff Tod Shaw arrives with Dan Carney , a Secret Service agent in charge of the president's security detail and reveal the true intentions of Baron. Baron sends one of his two henchmen to double-check on the president's schedule but he is killed in a shootout with the police. Baron is confronted by the sheriff on the risks and meaning of killing the President and Baron's remaining henchman begins showing some reluctance. It becomes clear that Baron is a psychopath whose pleasure comes from killing. A sniper's rifle has been mounted on a metal table by a window. Jud discreetly hooks the table up to the 5000-volt plate output of the family television. Pop Benson then spills a cup of water on the floor beneath the table. Although the hope is that Baron will be shocked and killed in this way, his remaining henchman touches the table first and is electrocuted, reflexively firing the rifle repeatedly and attracting the attention of police at the train station. Baron disconnects the electrical hook-up and aims the rifle as the President's train arrives at the station, but to his surprise it passes straight through (the stop having been cancelled). Ellen Benson shoots Baron and he dies.


Lewis Allen


Richard Sale


Frank Sinatra
James Gleason
Nancy Gates
Willis Bouchey


Robert Bassler


Charles G. Clarke

Production Designer

Frank Paul Sylos


John F. Schreyer


David Raksin