Feature Film

Classic - Crime - Drama - Film Noir

United States 1949 | 100 Min

Too Late for Tears

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Money brings misfortune


Classic Crime Drama Film Noir


femme fatale hollywood los angeles




Jane and Alan Palmer find a satchel inter car with $100,000 in cash. Jane wants to keep the money; Alan wants to take it to the police.They eventually decide to hold the cash for a week and leave the satchel at the baggage claim at Union Station, while they figure out what to do with it. Then Danny shows up at the Palmers' apartment to collect the satchel. Jane lies that they have surrendered the money to the police, but Danny does not believe her. Danny returns the next day and makes Jane confess and she makes a deal with him to split the money. She asks Danny to meet her the next night at a certain place, where she would signal him. During a romantic evening together on the boat, Jane kills Alan by accident. After signaling Danny to get on the boat, Jane threatens to tell the police he killed her husband, unless he helps her. After dumping the body in the lake, Jane reports Alan to the police as a missing person. Planning to kill Danny, he suspects her intentions and flees. Jane finds herself on dangerous grounds, she retrieves the cash from the baggage claim at Union Station, goes to Danny and where the money came from and if it is safe to spend it. Danny admits it was a blackmail payoff from an insurance scam. She understands this means the money is unmarked and its disappearance won't be reported to the police. She kills Danny with a poisoned drink. Jane flees with the money to Mexico City, where she has a penthouse at the posh Reforma Hotel. Don turns up at her door. Concluding he is either after the money or with the police, Jane pleads with him to take half. As Mexican police detectives rush into the room, Jane holds them at bay with her gun and backs away in tears onto a balcony, where she trips over the suitcase with the money and screams as she falls over the railing to her death.


Byron Haskin


Roy Huggins


Lizabeth Scott
Don DeFore
Dan Duryea
Arthur Kennedy
Kristine Miller


Hunt Stromberg


William C. Mellor

Production Designer

James W. Sullivan


Harry Keller


R. Dale Butts