Feature Film

Drama - Western

United States 1951 | 83 Min

Vengeance Valley

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Honesty pays of in the end


Drama Western





Years ago, the wealthy but crippled cattleman Arch Strobie from Colorado, took in young Owen Daybright as a foster son to help raise and control his real son Lee. As the story begins Owen is ranch foreman, and Lee, despite being married to Jen, is wilder than ever. Unmarried Lily gives birth but refuses to identify the father. Because Owen gives Lily $500 to help care for the baby, her brothers Hub and Dick believe that he is the father, but they are unaware that Owen has done this on Lee's behalf. The brothers want to beat him up. When Arch chides Lee for overdrawing his bank account by withdrawing $500 in gold, Jen realizes that Lee fathered Lily's baby. She decides to leave him but is persuaded by Owen and Arch to stay. Lee proposes Arch to make him a partner in the ranch but learns that the other half will go to Owen, once Arch retires or dies. He schemes to get rid of Owen and make a fortune at the same time by conspiring with Hub and Dick to ambush Owen during the spring cattle roundup. He persuades Owen to ride in with him, but in fact Hub and Dick, are waiting in the ambush. In the ensuing gunfight, Owen Kills Dick. Hearing shots, a group of trailhands ride to Owen's rescue and shoot Hub. Owen catches up with Lee and tells him that they are both going to confess everything to Arch. Lee refuses and draws his gun, forcing Owen to kill him. Owen breaks the news to Arch and Jen.


Richard Thorpe


Irving Ravetch, Luke Short


burt Lancaster
Robert Walker
John Ireland
Joanne Dru


Nicholas Nayfack


George J. Folsey

Production Designer

Malcolm Brown, Cedric Gibbons


Conrad A. Nervig


Rudolph G. Kopp