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Classic - Thriller - Drama - Film Noir

United States 1945 | 98 Min

Blood on the Sun

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The truth will be revealed


Classic Thriller Drama Film Noir


japan journalism tanaka memorial document.




Nick Condon is a journalist for the Tokyo Chronicle. Condon gets the Tanaka Plan, a paper in which all the plans are described. Premier Giichi Tanaka wants his plans to remain secret. He prints a story disclosing Japan's plan to conquer the world. The newspaper is seized by Japanese officers. The Japanese spies think that Ollie and Edith Miller are the ones who discovered the plan. When Condon goes to the ship to bid them farewell, he finds Edith dead. Returning home, he finds Ollie, badly beaten. Ollie gives him the Tanaka plan before dying. Condon hides the document with the Tanaka plan behind the portrait of Emperor Hirohito in his house. Condon meets Iris Hilliard, half American and half Chinese. Although first he suspects of complicit, they fall in love. But is gut seems right and she betrays him. Eventually it becomes clear that she's been sent by a senior politician who wants peace and was present when the Tanaka plan was devised. Condon leaves his job after ten days. When he's about to leave Japan he meets the politician and Iris in the harbor. The politician signs the document to prove it's authentic. They are discovered by the Japanese army. Iris runs away with the document in a cargo ship which will take her safely out of Japan. To distract the Japanese officers, Condon fights his greatest enemy and tries to reach the American Embassy. He's shot at by spies dressed in street clothes, but he's not killed. The consular adviser goes out of the Embassy and takes Condon inside, still alive, and the Japanese officers can't prevent it, because they couldn't find the Tanaka document when searching Condon.


    - Academy Awards  - 1945 / United States

    Best Production Designer


Frank Lloyd


Garrett Fort, Lester Cole


James Cagney
Sylvia Sidney
Porter Hall
John Emery
Robert Armstrong


William Cagney


Theodor Sparkuhl

Production Designer

Wiard Ihnen


Walter Hannemann


Miklós Rózsa


Eugene Zador