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Classic - Thriller - Drama - Musical - Romance

United States 1937 | 111 Min

A star is born (1937)

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2 Awards 3 Nominees

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Love brings courage to success


Classic Thriller Drama Musical Romance





North Dakota farm girl Esther dreams to become a Hollywood actress. Esther's grandmother gives Esther her savings to follow her dream. Esther goes to Hollywood and finds herself in a disillusion, where a chance to fame is small. But by good fortune she meets Norman Maine, an actor she admires greatly. Norman has been a major star for years, but his alcoholism has sent his career into a downward spiral. Norman likes her and gets her a screen test with a longtime producer friend Oliver. Oliver is impressed and gives her a new name "Vicki Lester" and a contract. When the studio has trouble finding a female lead for Norman's current film, entitled The Enchanted Hour, Norman persuades Oliver to cast Esther. The film makes her an overnight success, even as viewers continue to lose interest in Norman. Norman proposes to Esther; she accepts when he promises to give up drinking. Esther's popularity continues to skyrocket, while Norman realizes his own career is over, despite Oliver's attempts to help him. Norman stays sober for a while, but he can’t come over his drinking problem and gets in all kinds of serious situations. Esther decides to give up her career in order to devote herself to his rehabilitation. After Norman overhears her discussing her plan with Oliver, he drowns himself in the Pacific Ocean. Shattered, Esther decides to quit and go home. Her grandmother tells her of a letter Norman sent her when they got married. The letter stated how proud he was of Esther, and how much he loved her. Because of her grandmother's words, and the reminder of Norman's deep love, Esther is convinced to stay in show business.


    - Academy Awards  - 1937 / United States

    Best Writer
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    - Academy Awards  - 1937 / United States

    Best Actress
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    Best Director


William A. Wellman


William A. Wellman, Robert Carson ,Dorothy Parker, Alan Campbell


Janet Gaynor
Fredric March


David O. Selznick


W. Howard Greene

Production Designer

Lansing C. Holden


James E. Newcom, Anson Stevenson


Max Steiner


Buddy Clark, Eddy Duchin.