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Classic - Art House - Horror - Mystery

Italy 1977 | 98 Min


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The curse of a ballet school


Classic Art House Horror Mystery


ballet munich supernatural




Suzy, an American ballet student, arrives in Germany to study at the Tanz Dance Academy in Freiburg. But at the door she is refused to enter. In the meanwhile one of the other tenants gets mysteriously and grotesquely murdered in the Dance Academy. The next morning, Suzy returns to the school, where she meets her teachers and fellow students. Suzy falls ill during one of her dance classes; then slowly she discovers the mysterious horror in the Academy. People get killed, by entities and dogs; strange phenomena appear; friends become paranoid. Suzy discovers slowly the curse of the school when a psychiatrist reveals that the school was established by a Greek woman, who locals believed was a witch. She perished in a fire that destroyed most of the school. It is explained that a coven is unable to survive without its leader—a true witch and the source of its power. Suzy discovers a secret door opening to a concealed part of the school. Suzy explores the hidden passage and overhears the school staff plotting. Then Suzy finds a friends disfigured body pinned to a casket, and hides in another room. Suzy realizes someone else is in the room sleeping; and accidentally awaken her, who taunts her invisibly and summons her friends reanimated body to murder her. However, the contours of Helena's body are revealed by flashes of lightning, and Suzy takes the opportunity to stab her through the neck with a glass peacock quill, killing her and banishing Sara's body. The school begins to crumble around Suzy, who watches as Teachers, and the rest of Helena's coven perish along with her. She escapes into the rainy night, and leaves smiling as the academy is destroyed in a fire.


Dario Argento


Dario Argento, Daria Nicolodi


Jessica Harper
Stefania Casini
Flavio Bucci
Miguel Bosé
Alida Valli
Joan Bennett


Claudio Argento, Salvatore Argento


Luciano Tovoli

Production Designer

Giuseppe Bassan


Franco Fraticelli


Dario Argento, Goblin