Feature Film

Classic - Western

United States 1939 | 96 Min

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The good is always hidden in what seems bad


Classic Western


arizona wild west stagecoach prostitution fugitive




A group of strangers boards the stagecoach.: Dallas, a prostitute, the alcoholic Doc Boone, the pregnant Lucy Mallory, the whiskey salesman Samuel Peacock, the gambler and Southern gentleman Hatfield and assertive banker Henry Gatewood, who is absconding with money embezzled from his bank. When the stage driver, Buck, wants to leave, his shotgun guard, Marshal Curly is searching for the fugitive, the Ringo Kid, who has vowed vengeance to kill the murderer of his father and brother, Luke Plummer. When Ringo’s horse has gone lame, he joins the stagecoach and Curly takes Ringo in custody. In the meanwhile the U.S. Cavalry Lieutenant Blanchard announces that Geronimo and his Apaches are on the warpath and that the journey is dangerous. On arriving at Apache Wells, Lucy goes into labor; and Ringo asks Dallas to marry him and live on a ranch he owns in Mexico. Dallas fears to reveal her past. As Ringo is escaping he sees smoke signals heralding an Apache attack and returns into custody. The Apaches attack. Just as they run out of ammunition and Hatfield is getting ready to save Lucy from capture by killing her with his last bullet, the 6th U.S. Cavalry rides to the rescue. At Lordsburg, Dallas begs Ringo not to confront the Plummers, but he is determined to settle matters and as they walk through town he sees the brothel to which she is returning. Luke Plummer, who is playing poker in one of the saloons, hears of Ringo’s arrival and gets his brothers to join him. Ringo survives the three-against-one shootout that follows and then surrenders to Curly, expecting to go back to prison. As Ringo boards a wagon, Curly invites Dallas to ride with them to the edge of town, but when she does so Curly and Doc shout to stampede the horses, letting Ringo ‘escape’ over the Mexican border.


    - Academy Awards  - 1939 / United States

    Best Supporting Actor
    Best Composer


    - Academy Awards  - 1939 / United States

    Best Production Designer
    Best Cinematographer
    Best Editor
    Best Director
    Best Film


John Ford


Dudley Nichols, Ernest Haycox


John Wayne
Claire Trevor
Thomas Mitchell
John Carradine
Andy Devine
George Bancroft


Walter Wanger


Bert Glennon

Production Designer

Alexander Toluboff


Otho Lovering Dorothy Spencer



Louis Gruenberg Richard Hageman W. Franke Harling John Leipold Leo Shuken Gerard Carbonara